Siding and Gutters

Siding and Gutters

Venegas Contracting LLC offers many services to improve the exterior of your home throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We have been serving the needs of our residential customers, ensuring that our results surpass their expectations for over 15 years. Our team is happy to assist you and answer all of your questions on which siding is best for your home.

We know it can be overwhelming as siding comes in many different styles, thicknesses, shades, and textures. Each material offers its own advantages in visual appeal, protection, insulation, and level of maintenance. Additionally, a variety of techniques can be used throughout the structural pieces of your home to give it a unique appearance and great curb appeal. We pride ourselves in customer service and go above and beyond in researching and surveying suppliers to match existing materials of your home, ultimately saving you money and providing a seamless overall look.

The decisions you make will depend on factors such as architectural preferences, energy efficiency, maintenance upkeep levels, and budget. Our team will provide you options within your budget that reflect the style of your home, your desired preferences, and ultimately produce a beautifully finished look.

Windows and Doors

Front Door Image

Your front door greets you as come home each day, and just as it is letting you and your family in, it may also be letting in the cold, wind, heat, and moisture of the outdoor elements. Energy-efficient windows and doors can prevent heating and cooling loss, and keep homes comfortable and welcoming throughout the year. Replacing old windows and doors proves to be a worthwhile investment for homeowners, consistently showing savings in monthly home energy bills. Whether you want to increase the energy efficiency of your windows, or simply don’t like the way they look, Venegas Contracting LLC is here to assist you and will make sure it is done right the first time around. Our experienced team will meet with you and review your options, providing you with the best fit for your home.  We will custom measure and ensure each piece is fit to exact specifications, providing a perfect seal, and eliminating and drafts or leaks.


Roofing Services

The roof of a home is the first line of defense against weather elements. In the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania area we experience a variety of weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, and wind, which can all cause damage to an insufficient roofing structure. At Venegas Contracting we understand the importance of the roof’s job and therefore OUR job to protect the structure of your home and your family. A roof is the largest and most critical structural system in a home, therefore the decision to replace your roof and choosing the right professionals is important.